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In Minutly, a service is a project, business process, or solution that is offered to customers or end-users to help them accomplish their goals. Minutly provides a service catalog that enables businesses to offer and manage their services through the portal. This can improve conversion, enhance service delivery, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

Create a service

Log in to your Minutly Pro. You can create a service from the user dashboard (for individual teams) or from the company dashboard (for business). Minutly will guide you through the steps and collect the necessary details. You can always update the details later.

  • Select the service type and the service delivery team that you would like to use for the service. You can set rates and roles for each service providing flexibility to manage your resources efficiently. 
  • Provide a name and description for the service. Add portfolio images
  • Define pre-requisite, or terms and conditions applicable for the service
  • Select the pricing model for the service, such as a fixed cost or Time & Material

Add Service Item(s)

A service item is a work product or deliverable that you intend to create for the customer. In Minutly, a service item represents a verifiable deliverable, such as a piece of functionality, a new feature, bug fixes, or improvements that you create for the user. 

The elements of a service item in Minutly include:

  • Title: A short, descriptive name
  • Description: A detailed explanation of the deliverable that you will create, including its purpose, functionality, and value to the customer.
  • Acceptance Criteria: The specific conditions that must be met for the service item to be considered complete and ready for user sign-off
  • Priority: The importance of the feature relative to other work items in the backlog.

There are three easy way to set up services fast and easy:

  • Templates – Minutly offers several pre-built templates that you can use to customize based on your need
  • Master list – you can pick and choose the service items from a pre-built master list
  • Add blank item – customize based on your need

Task Management

In Minutly, task management is an important aspect of service planning and delivery.  A task represents a work item that is required to complete a service item (or deliverable). Use tasks to plan, organize, track, and complete the deliverables successfully. 

In Minutly, one service item can have one or many tasks. For example, a new web page design may involve multiple tasks from design, development, testing, and DevOps. 

In Minutly, task management is the process of tracking and organizing tasks to ensure that the service items are completed on time, within budget, and to the expected quality.

  • Log in to the Minutly Pro and navigate to the service item where you can create the tasks.
  • Use the “Create Task” button to open the “Create Task” dialog box
  • Enter the task name and brief description of the task
  • Assign the task to the member who will be doing the work 
  • Click the “Save” button to save the task and add it to the service

Once the task has been created, it can be tracked and updated in Minutly as it progresses through the workflow. Minutly provides a range of tools for task management, including a Kanban board, workflows, reporting, and collaboration features. By using Minutly to manage tasks, teams can ensure that work is being completed efficiently, with visibility into task status and progress.

Package Service

Packaging services involve bundling related service items together into a package or offer. This allows customers to select a package of services that meets their needs, rather than having to choose each service item individually. packaging services can help simplify the purchasing process for customers and increase sales. Here are the steps for packaging services:

  • Package name and description – Come up with a name for the package that reflects the services included. Write a brief description that explains the value of the package and how it can benefit the customer.
  • Service items – Select one or more service items for each package

Minutly allows a maximum of three packages per service. You can use service items across multiple packages.

Publish service

You’re almost there! It is time to publish the service and start taking orders.

  • FAQs – you can answer customer’s queries using one or many frequently asked question
  • Recommended Package – you can suggest to customers a preferred package
  • Tags: Optional labels or keywords that help to categorize and organize the feature

Click “Save” to publish the service. The system will check for the completeness of the service, and send it for internal review. Upon successful review, the service will be added to your business service catalog and ready to use.

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